Appointment of Head Students

16th February 15

Last October we started a new programme of Heads in the School.

The heads play an important role in the School’s good performance as they are pupils with personal qualities such as leadership, responsibility, confidence and a sense of service.

Last Tuesday the insignia were given to those designated this academic year.

HEAD BOY: Francisco Sánchez cuéllar
HEAD GIRL: Isabel Marín Gamero


ECOSCHOOL: 3rd grade secondary Carla Fernández, Celia Lacave

                        2nd  BACHILLERATO: Emilia Gallardo, Paula Doña

VOLUNTARY WORK: 3rd Secondary: Juan Galera, Estefanía Puche

                                 1st BACHILLERATO: Macarena Romero, Amparo Yesa

  • LIBRARY DUTY : Pablo Montalbés, Gloria Jaén, Belén Segovia
  • WORKING AREA DUTY : Ana Vallejo, Ana Sánchez, Cristina González, Miguel  Orte
  • SPORT: Juan Pedro castro, César Muñoz,Salud Avello
  • MUSIC: Ana Oubiña, Zara Neshan
  • EVENTS: Elyza Warburg, Carmen Mesa

Those named are pupils who are very committed to the School´s values and ideology. They are capable of carrying out the tasks assigned to them, participate in activities proposed by the School and voluntarily cooperate with pupils of all ages and year groups. The Heads Programme propitiates a close link between students and the School. They are responsible for welcoming new pupils and they make an effort to look after their welfare.

The main duties of these boys and girls who have been appointed heads are: –

  • Encourage the other students to participate in activities and educational programmes organized by the School.
  • Play a relevant role in official events such as Open Day
  • Assume the role of School ambassadors when new parents and children visit the School.
  • Be extrovert, honest and show a great sense of responsibility.
  • Carry out functions and tasks required by staff members efficiently.
  • Set an example of good behavior, appearance and helpfulness to all School members.
  • Be totally committed to their academic studies and extracurricular activities.
  • Behave discreetly and respectfully in situations which require confidentiality.
  • Set an example to follow in the School and its surroundings.

Congratulations to you all!