María Amanecer Navarrete, former student of LAUDE El Altillo School, receives the Educa2020 award from King Philip VI

19th March 15

Educa 2020 award  alumni Maria Navarrete

We are proud to inform you that the former student of LAUDE El Altillo School, Maria Navarrete, has been awarded the “Educa 2020” award for best entrepreneur final year project called Chef Tour.

The event was chaired by His Majesty King Philip VI, who stressed that “we must highlight the value of education for entrepreneurship as a key instrument committed to the new realities and the demands of a highly competitive economy.”

Maria Navarrete has studied Business Administration at UCA and explains about her final year project: “The BBVA Prize: Chef Tour, born thanks to the support and advice of the Chair of Entrepreneurship at the University of Cádiz.  It was born as a service company that combines tourism and gastronomy. The mission of Chef Tour is to create a new service that unifies both sectors, ie provide a service in which customers (upper-middle class) can get to know the most emblematic places of each city while enjoying its cuisine. It consists of a double decker bus-restaurant which carries out an annual tour through the most emblematic cities in Spain, staying one month in each. Chef tour attempts to differentiate themselves from existing services that offer traditional and typical dishes from each region, providing a new service with modern dishes and traditional cuisine”

From LAUDE El Altillo School we will continue to offer an innovative training in entrepreneurship, among others, and keep you informed of the successes our dear students achieve.

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Congratulations María!