The English International Grandmaster Stuart Conquest winner of the XIII LAUDE El Altillo School International Chess competition

24th March 15

Winners of LAUDE El Altillo School International Chess competition

The thirteenth edition of the LAUDE El Altillo School prestigious International Chess Competition had a turnout of 164 players, a record for the tournament, where the school chess players and professionals unite in a single tournament. Year after year, this tournament has become the best Andalusian on-day tournament, a date marked in red on the calendar for participants.

On this occasion, several International Masters participated, including former student of our Center José Miguel Fernández, winner of this tournament in 2013 and great chess promise. There was also a great representation of all clubs in the provinces of Cadiz, Málaga, Seville, Gibraltar and of course a representation of the LAUDE El Altillo School Chess Club. We would like to highlight some of our winners: The first position for He Hao Jue in Year 2 of Secondary, second place for Pedro Fernández of Year 6 of Primary and Cristian Huertas was 3rd. 

Held at the facilities of Jerez Center LAUDE El Altillo School, the tournament was played in nine rounds with 12 minutes 3 seconds for each player and game, from 10.30 am to 7.30 pm with a half hour break for lunch. The thirteenth Chess tournament continues to disseminate and develop this educational sport, being the only Andalusian school which has fully introduced chess in their academic program, especially for the importance given to chess as a key element for the development of cognitive abilities as well as agility in reasoning, calculation and creativity.