Book and Humanities week concludes today.

24th April 15

winners of Book Day Competitions at Laude El Altillo School

On the occasion of International Book Day, dedicated this year to Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare, the Department of Spanish Language has organized throughout the week an extensive program of activities and events.

During these sessions posters made by students of 1st ESO submitted to the Book Day Competition have been exhibited in the entrance hall, as well as all models submitted for competition by the students of Secondary 2. Students in Secondary 3 also have projected their presentations on the work of Cervantes and Shakespeare. Secondary 4 and Bachillerato 1 did some short stories.

The winners of each category are:


1st prize: Manuel Fernández Farach

2nd prize: Paz Rodríguez

3rd prize: Lucía Marín


1st prize: Pablo Rendón/Francisco Nieves

2nd prize: Paola Garrán/Patricia Paredes/Ángela Cabeza


1st prize: Patricia Perea/Irene Domínguez

2nd prize: Carla Fernández/Marta Rodríguez


Microstories: Bruno Ferguson/Jaime Perea

Tales: Miguel Parra

Comics: Carmen García/Mercedes Castro

Transmedia: Jerónimo Martín/Antonio García

Other highlighted activities include the poetry and music recitals for secondary students performed by students of Poetry Workshop; the “Montescos y Capuletos” Gymkhana; informal talk by the writer José María Carrasco, author of “Captain Nobody” and the end of our Versus Debate Tournament Versus.

Along with this, also in the lobby, our traditional book market has been installed.

Every corner of the College has become a space for entertaining and interesting learning for our students.