Fisrt LAUDE El Altillo School Paddle Tournament

14th April 15

first paddle tournament at LAUDE El Altillo School

Last Saturday, 11th April our Heads of Sports organized the first “LAUDE El Altillo School Paddle tournament” in the school’s sports facilities. It was an enjoyable morning where students, parents and teachers had a great time playing paddle. 32 couples signed up, and although rain threatened, they could all play. The prizes for the top 3 finishers were sports equipment so they can continue to practice.


1st:  Miguel Angel Pedregosa (father) and Ruben Pedregosa (2nd Bto)

2nd:  Francisco Nieves and Pablo Bazan (2nd Secondary)

3rd: Natalia Neme (3rd Secondary) and Jaime Mateos (4th Secondary)

Congratulations to all participants. See you in the next sports event which will be organized soon!