Moving On, an outstanding educational Project in Primary Education identified with the values which create international excellence

27th April 15

Moving On, International trilingual Primary project

Its high quality and a leading innovative character synthesize the values of excellence of the Primary Education Project Moving On at LAUDE El Altillo School, conceived to encourage and stimulate, promote and enrich the innumerable possibilities, capacities, skills, talents and potential of each and every one of its students at these decisive ages in a modern, international, integrated and holistic conception of teaching.

It is a teaching project dedicated to and orientated towards the ambitious goal of 12 year old students entering Secondary Education with noteworthy linguistic proficiency in Spanish, English and French. Training trilingual children is one of the major strengths of this Educational Project which inspires in all students the exceptional development of their sociability as well as an open mind to the 21st Century in which communicative plurilingualqualities acquire an essential role in projection and professional success in a rapidly changing multicultural world.

The values of culture and creativeness are also the protagonists of this educational conception, in a technological environment of individual and team work where the relevance of skills and intelligences applied to projects and experiments stands out. The implementation of multimedia digital tools achieves its highest goals and, in addition to this, in an exceedingly motivating and enthusiastic background for talent, the enriching contribution of chess, the innovative training in Mathematical Calculus consisting of the algorithm based on numbers (ABN) and a strong investment in knowledge in a broad international sense.

In this context of companionship, rewarding motivation and solid exciting work the true final accomplishment of the Educational Project Moving on consists of knowing how to forge personalities in its pupils, full of the most consistent ethic values and an immutable passion for lifelong learning, which during their educational development and career will make them into confident people and active, dynamic, global citizens open to the world.