Primary 5 in “Explora Natura”, Cordoba

10th April 15


From April, 7th to 10th  2015 students in Primary 5 at  LAUDE El Altillo School are enjoying a stay at Cortijo de Frías located in Cabra, Córdoba and doing la lot of activities such as environmental education, multisports and cultural tour to Cordoba.

They have visited the Museum of Natural Science Aguilar and Eslava Foundation in Cabra and have walked 10 miles on a trip to “Las Chorreras de la Nava”. At night they took part in talks on the Iberian owls and went on an evening stroll among the olive trees to hear them in the moonlight.They have had lots of fun doing archery, slings, zip line, rope bridges, climbing walls, sack races… They also visited the city of Córdoba, strolling across the Roman Bridge, through the narrow streets of the Jewish quarter and they visited the Mezquita-Cathedral. 

A definitely memorable experience!