TAKING OFF, a bilingual Project in Early Years Education which stimulates the little one´s intelligences

27th April 15

Taking Off, bilingual Early Years project

The Early Years Project Taking Off at LAUDE El Altillo School represents the accomplishment of an intense and continued task of application and ground-breaking in the educational field thanks to a teaching and learning model which places emphasis on the ideal development of the 1 – 5 year old children´s capacities and the stimulation of their imagination, conscience and sensibility.

An educational model of the highest standard designed almost exclusively in English which claims and aspires to forge the values of progress and excellence among its pupils from early infancy. The reason for its success is the proven worth of the specialized teaching staff and the efficiency of the new methods of teaching and learning, new methodologies whose achievements are evident in the illusion with which the children come to School, happy and full of motivation, and also the satisfaction and trust which their parents convey day by day.

In this environment of fundamental education and rewarding dedication to pupils, the master line is formed by Howard Gardner´s multiple intelligences, precisely during those decisive years for early stimulation due to the flexibility of the brain characteristic of this period of infancy, at the same time as maximum attention is given to the emotional development of the pupils, communication in English and an introduction to French, as well as sports, creativity and the indispensable familiarization of the little ones with multimedia communication technologies.

This is the guarantee of the Taking Off Project, positive effort and commitment to an outstanding personal, social and cognitive development preparing its young pupils for an honest, responsible and successful future.