Leading Ahead, Secondary Project of LAUDE El Altillo School

18th May 15

Leading Ahead, Secondary Project of LAUDE El Altillo School, Spain

Over the last few years many reports and analysis of prestigious and accredited institutions –  not only educational but also economic and social ones – target the predominant, fundamental skills that are valued today and are also required by the professional world of the 21st Century. These skills are knowledge linked to critical thought and creativity, plurilingual communication, self-demanding work both as an individual as in a group, a high level of digital and multimedia competence, abilities to obtain and process the best information, the capacity to plan, organize and prioritize tasks, an aptitude for visualizing problems, debating, taking decisions and adopting the correct solutions and without doubt the ability to lead and influence a team.

In this sense and from a responsible prospective vision, the educational project Leading Ahead at LAUDE El Altillo School Secondary Education stands out for its comprehensive vanguard nature and its identification with the highest quality and the fervent challenge of inspiring these strengths in its pupils – strengths which are so determinant and essential for facing a future full of transformation, changes and challenges in a global, multicultural context.

A unique and highly competitive educational project which deploys all its achievements and advances in a motivating, trusting and dedicated environment which at the same time and at this crucial stage reaffirms and intensifies a personality committed to civic and ethic values, a healthy physical development and desire to study and learn in an innovative work environment with a clear international emphasis consolidated in a competent command of English and French on concluding the stage.

True excellence of the Secondary project Leading Ahead personalized in these adolescent students who are highly prepared and ready to take on any branch of Bachillerato with maturity and responsibility and who are aware of and sure of their determination, their abilities and their infinite possibilities regarding their educational or professional success.