Rafael Corrales at Columbia University.

29th July 15

Rafael Corrales de Laude El Altillo School entra en la Columbia University of New York

Jerez daily newspaper published an interesting interview with our 2nd Bachillerato student Rafael Corrales, due to his acceptance by Columbia University.

Columbia University is ranked 12th of the best univesities in the world, distinguished for its special dedication to scientific investigation. People of reknown such as Franklin D.Roosevelt and Barack Obama have passed through its classrooms.

Rafael Corrales started his schooling with us when he was three. He has been disciplined and taken advantage of the numerous complemantary activities offered by the school from an early age. He finishes his schooling with an average mark of 10, C2 in English and TOEFL. He has always been an exemplary student standing out especially in technological subjects.