Spanish School Online Chess Championship

29th July 15


 Campeonato ajedrez

Tomorrow our school will play the Spanish school online Chess Campionship final. The final is between four teams/schools (two from El Altillo, one from a school in Madrid and another one from Soria)

They will play a league with all teams against all others, with the following timetable:

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Round 1 at 2.30pm tomorrow Thursday 5th June

Round 2 at 3.30pm

Round 3 at 4.15pm.

All the information is on the web page  and they will play using the game playchess platform.

This tournament started a month ago and they had to win four rounds to get this far. Both teams were champions of their groups and went on to win quarterfinals and semifinals until they reached the final 4.

The pupils are:

Team A

Pedro Fernandez – 6 A

Berta Fernandez – 6A

Arturo Hinojosa – 6A

Paola Alonso – 6A

Pablo Marin de Laa – 4A


Team B

Miguel Bazan – 4D

Paula Garzon – 6A

Daniel del Castillo – 6C

Pablo Villegas – 6B

Arturo Peligros – 4A

Good Luck!