Defining Excellence

29th September 15

Attaining university students of excellence
Defining Excellence

The guidelines of the Baccalaureate Educational Project ‘Defining Excellence’ are the ongoing improvement and perfecting of teaching and training to enable our students safe passage to university lecture halls and their subsequent move towards a career in which satisfaction, personal fulfillment and success will go hand in hand.

Particularly prominent in the project ‘Defining Excellence’, is the energetic preparation by teachers and pupils for university entrance examinations at the highest level.

The aim is to produce university students of excellence from these excellent pupils, who from the first year of their higher studies, make their way with a firm foothold due to these strengths and advantages that have to become their intellectual and personal maturity. Awareness of their personal values and their knowledge and skills will yield the maximum results and come to fruition in these years of university studies so as to ensure they graduate and go into the professional world with the vigor required by the international and multicultural world in which they will develop in the coming years.

And continuing with the growth and maturation of the project ‘Defining Excellence’ we find ourselves in the second year as a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.