Adaptation Period

7th October 15


Going to school for the first time is an unknown situation which makes children feel  insecure due to being “abandoned”. It is a natural instinct which slowly resolves itself and children usually take some time to feel confident with the new adults who look after them.

Separation is difficult for both children and parents alike. On one hand we should be prepared for a variety of feelings we might experience during this time and on the other give it the importance it deserves.

Going to school is a big change for the child who until now has only known a familiar world where he/she feels safe and protected. He /she is immersed in a group of other children which he/she has to relate to, in different surroundings with different furniture and other adults who he/she does not yet trust.

When the child is capable of relating to a group of children and adults, expressing his/her feelings without fear, being relaxed and calm socially and individually and not constantly asking for people he/she is attached to we can say he/she has overcome the ADAPTATION PERIOD.