16th October 15

In the school we are really concerned about all the different social issues which affect the environment today. For this reason, we have started our ECO-SCHOOL PROGRAMME one more year. Students really enjoy taking action on these matters. Many of the activities we do are related to recycling. Sometimes, our Eco- volunteers help students at the playground using the different recycling containers properly. This means, that when they don´t know where to throw any rubbish, our volunteers tell them. Our Eco-school programme also informs students about the importance of recycling not only at the school as well as at home. Students and their families colaborate with us bringing used batteries and plastic tops, so that they can be reused later. By doing this, we reduce factory waste as well as air pollution. One of our most enriching activity is related to SEUR and its foundation “PLASTIC CAPS FOR A NEW LIFE”.  We are cooperating with this foundation by bringing plastic taps from home. Then, we send them to SEUR and they transport them to a recycling plant. In exchange they receive money that is used to:

  • Help children without resources to access medical treatment not covered by the health system in order to improve their quality of life by recycling plastic bottle tops.
  • Help children without resources to obtain orthopeadic devices not provided through other means by recycling plastic bottle tops.

By cooperating with SEUR and its foundation “Plastic caps for a new life” , we invite our students and families to  recycle and care for the environment performing a simple gesture of keeping plastic bottle tops instead of throwing them to the bin. We promote social action combined with an environmental focus.