International Primary Curriculum

26th October 15

Bake it!


As you are already aware, this year we are implementing IPC International Primary Curriculum. Our elementary students are working on their first topic of IPC, these topics have focused on many themes, these are entitled:

Mission to Mars, Super humans, Bake it!, The Nature of Life, Feel the Force and finally How are you?

All of these topics are investigated in an experimental way. First research is done using ipads, and employing the scientific method, so that the results and material learned can be later recorded. All these issues began with the starting point and we will soon reach the end point. It will be an extremely motivating activity with which the themes will be completed.

This new methodology enables students to get involved and participate actively in their learning.

We leave you with these pictures as examples:

Mission to Mars



The nature of life

Feel the Force


How are you?