25th November 15


Guitar, mandolin, tambourine and lots of joy. These were the ingredients that Antonio Valdivieso and José María Tundidor, alumni and now business entrepreneurs, contributed on the morning of November 24th.

Upon our arrival at the association called La Merced AFA (Alzheimer) in Jerez, the business ‘entrepreneur’ was waiting for us at the door to give a wonderful surprise to the elderly people who were completely oblivious of what we had prepared for them. Together we delighted the grandparents, we managed to wrest smiles from them and even made them dance. We chanted songs and noticed with amazement how they were able to remember the lyrics. These were truly intimate moments.

The School management team was pleasantly surprised and very grateful.

Thank you very much and congratulations to our voluntary students, Antonio Valdivieso and José María Tundidor.

Guitarra, bandurria, pandereta y mucha alegría. Estos fueron los ingredientes que Antonio Valdivieso y José María Tundidor, antiguos alumnos nuestros y ahora tunos de empresariales, aportaron a la mañana del pasado 24 de Noviembre.