Cultural Week: Austria

16th November 15

Once again we have been able to enjoy the Traditional Cultural Week at our school, which was dedicated on this occasion to Austria and was celebrated by everyone involved in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and collaboration. Along the course of these days, our students carried out various different activities in some of their classes, in order to foster knowledge of this country and its culture.

In nursery and primary school, students learned about the colours of the Austrian flag, where the country is situated in the map of Europe, and how to say hello and goodbye in German. They were also in a class in which they followed, step by step, a recipe for making Apple Crumble, and they were able to taste it afterwards. They also danced a waltz to the rhythm of the soundtrack of the movie ‘The Sound of Music’ among other activities.

At higher academic levels, events took place in the different departments of literature, science, foreign languages etc… Our students worked on a literary journey through Vienna and also had the opportunity to find out about the contributions to quantum mechanics that Erwin Schrödinger made. They went from learning about the paradox of the quantum cat, which explains the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics, to an Austrian pastry making contest and to creating posters of Austria using Piktochart. 

While all of these events were taking place, the piano keys filled the atmosphere with a melody of Mozart and we all tried tasty Austrian sausages and some delicious Viennese bread at lunchtime, among other Austrian dishes. 

We were left with very fond memories of the week as we said farewell until next year. Auf Wiedersehen!