Vocal Technique

27th November 15

The second year Baccalaureate students, Marina Jimenez, Ana María Oubiña, Macarena Ferrer and Crown Nazareth, have undertaken an exciting activity with students of 4th years primary education who belong to the choir. This activity consisted of doing a series of exercises and techniques designed to warm up their voices and eventually led to singing practice. Students sang the song “Colours of the Wind” from the Disney movie, Pocahontas. After singing, a questionnaire was handed out to evaluate the activity, using anonymous surveys.

The evaluation was extremely positive. The first question was to rate the activity from 1 to 10. In response, most students gave 10 out of 10. Almost all of the children liked the song and had no difficulty in learning it. All of them would recommend this activity because it seemed useful to them to carry it out before choir practice or before a concert in the future. This activity would however not have been possible had it not been for the monitors, who each received a score of 10 in the survey from most students!