Montaineering Club . Benamahoma-Tavizna trail.

1st December 15

On Saturday November 21st we went on an excursion with The Altillo Mountain Club, for the first time this year.

When we arrived in Benamahoma and prepared ourselves for the walk, it was a splendid day as we crossed the road and began the journey with great enthusiasm. Within twenty minutes, we made a stop to take some pictures and see the south face of the “Sierra del Pinar”, the highest point of Cádiz, which rises up radiantly with its imposing height.

We followed the path among ancient oak trees and arbutus that kept us entertained during the walk. We soon saw a great view of the ‘Sierra de la Silla’ and ‘Aznalmara’ castle, a proud scene of our history. We continued going down and the kids enjoyed seeing the caves which we found, a shelter for shepherds in stormy days.

Far below, the stream crossing El Pajarito or Pajarete awaited us, which was cause for great laughter, slips and a big thanks to all those who offered their help. This is the spirit we cherish in this Mountain Club!

After eating a sandwich, we began the march toward the buses waiting for us and leaving behind the unparalleled views of the hiking trail.

Thank you all for your cooperation. We are looking forward to seeing you all for the next mountain club excursion.

See you soon!