Nativity Play

23rd December 15

Sharing, celebrating ….. This time of the year is so endearing for everyone, it’s a special moment to strengthen our ties with the people around us and convey our sincerest good wishes. This is what we want our 1st and 2nd year Primary students to learn to live when with such enthusiasm we set up our beloved Live Nativity Scene.

These are days of rehearsals and last minute nerves, and when the day of the performance finally comes, we show our loved ones that putting a little enthusiasm and love into the smallest things, allows us to reap the largest fruits as a reward.

Without the parents’ cooperation on the day before, to set up the Nativity scene of Bethlehem and provide us with animals, this wouldn’t be possible. In a few hours, the school gym was transformed into the town of Bethlehem. This day of being together is extremely moving and will be remembered in subsequent years both by parents and their children.

Thank you for all your efforts and for making this day so special for your children. May joy spread to the whole family and may the baby Jesus (oh, how beautiful our children are this year!) bring us all the best for 2016.