Rafael Bernal Coates. Volunteer in Borneo

22nd December 15

I am Rafael Bernal Coates an ex-student of LAUDE El Altillo. I finished 2º de Bachillerato in June 2015 and have sent my applications to 3 universities in Scotland to study an undergraduate degree in Graphic Design.

I decided to take a gap year to do something different that would change my perspective on life, and contribute to society through voluntary work. Therefore in February I will begin a 10 week expedition to the island of Borneo in Malaysia, organized by Raleigh International.

I chose Raleigh International because it offers me the chance to be part of a multicultural team  of 20 volunteers where I can contribute on two different fronts; providing access to clean drinking water and conveying the importance of hygiene within indigenous communities, and building infrastructures for the scientists protecting the area’s biodiversity. As we will be located in a jungle zone I will be completely disconnected from the rest of world which will be an experience in itself.

I have created a website with a blog where I will be sharing my experiences, photos and takeaways on that which is most important in life and how it will impact my way of thinking. The objective is to positively influence/change the thought pattern of my followers and readers. Through the website you can make online donations that go directly to Raleigh International. . I have already gratefully received 340€ in donations.

To partake in the expedition, each volunteer must support the Project with 4300€, which will be entirely destined to the community we will be helping. This fundraising process is part of the learning process.  I am learning the importance of planning in advance, knowing your markets, networking and informing donors as well as managing providers and monitoring deadlines and quality.

I worked the whole summer as a waiter to contribute 1400€ and I am currently finishing a branding project with a website for a real estate agency that will provide me with an additional 700€ destined 100% to the expedition

To raise the remaining 1860€ I have designed some pro-change t-shirts (15€ each) to sell in solidarity fairs. I have had to learn from the experience of my provider not only delaying the delivery of the t-shirts but also the fact that they arrived with a design different to what was agreed and with no time to rectify this error.

This past weekend at the LAUDE El Altillo School Christmas bazaar I raised 175€ and in other fairs an additional total of 180€. I will continue to attend markets and events as well as work on my own accord to complete this challenge.

I would be very grateful if you are interested in buying a t-shirt or making a donation either by contacting me directly on 680 54 59 64 or via my web page on the online donations page

Thank you