17th February 16

Our five-year old students enjoyed an exhibition today about Antarctica, which had been organized by one of their parents and in which they have been able to have contact with the characteristics of the frozen continent for the first time. Above all, they have been able to see a large number of animals in their natural habitat. Students were able to ask questions about things that they were curious about.


At the end, they were given a diploma certifying that they have sponsored a penguin and that they are committed to protecting the environment so that their penguin and its chicks can continue to live on the planet.

Sponsorship of penguins is an initiative promoted by the Spanish contingent of the Army at the Antarctic Base “Gabriel de Castilla” as part of their commitment to the Antarctic and the environment.

Everyone at the school would like to thank the collaboration of all those involved and especially to D. Luis J. Gómez Saavedra, for making such a beautiful idea possible.

Thank you very much!