Chess: Cádiz School Championship

26th February 16


Students in the Chess Club at LAUDE El Altillo School, competed in the Cádiz School Championship, which was held in two phases, the first on January 30th at our Centre and the finals on February 13th at a sports centre in the Bahía Sur area.

More than 100 players fromall clubs in the province participated, 17 of which were from our school.  Great results were achieved, with theschool winning 6 medals

Runner up -16 – HaoJue

Runner up – 14 – Berta Fernández

Runner up – 8 – Paloma Garoz

Third place – 14 – Arturo Hinojosa

Third place – 12 – Paola González

Third place – 10 – Martina Pérez

In addition, they have qualified for the Andalusian School Championship, which will take place from March 30thto April 3rd at the Hotel Fuerte El Rompido (Huelva) together with several other students from the school. All of them form part of the Cádiz School team in tournament mentioned.