Hiking Club. Route Los Llanos del Republicano

1st February 16


On January 30th, our Mountain Club visited “Los Llanos del Republicano” in Villaluenga del Rosario. We had to make a little effort but we were soon walking among oaks. When we had passed them, the view opened up before us of the grandeur and of the Llanos and the majesty of the mountain range.

The sun and the brightness of the day accompanied us on the road and we all enjoyed ourselves when we stopped by the Sima del Republicano, and some brave father took the risk of going between the slippery rocks to see its entrance. On the return, we made a short stop to take home some of the exquisite cheese known as Payoyo.

Once again, a special thanks to the parents who collaborated with us for the organization and helped us maintain the rules, which are there to ensure the safety of your children.

Thank you and until next time!