IPC “A day in the life”

2nd February 16

First year Primary students have started this trimester with “A day in the life”, a unit on professions which is part of The International Primary Curriculum on. For the unit Entry Point, we held a Role Play Party, and among many other games which they played in order to learn vocabulary, children enjoyed having the opportunity to handle instruments and tools related to each profession. Within the unit, we investigated the different trades and occupations carried out by some adults at our school.

Children pretended to be journalists for a day and interviewed staff at our centre in teams, investigating their daily work, interests and hobbies.

Each member of the group assumed a different role as interviewers, with a microphone in their hands, using everything from Ipads and cameras, to pens, paper and the equally important notebook, employed for recording the details of every conversation.

The experience was an extremely positive way to learn and practice English as well as to get to know about other school employees.