IPC “Young Entrepreneurs”

25th February 16

In unit 3 of IPC, called Young Entrepreneurs, is designed for children to learn about the business world.

They began by getting to know about the various different work sectors and they then learned about what advertising is and how it works. The most enjoyable part of the unit was to develop mini companies (five per class) and choose a product that they could make themselves to sell at school.


Before making the product, students asked their customers (other pupils) about their favourite product (the market research). 

And to finish the unit, they produced their products at home, which they later sold here during the school during breaks in the morning. They put out advertisements all around the school and sold several types of products (such as cup-cakes, cakes, caramelized apples, chocolate and fruit snacks). 


The young entrepreneurs had a wonderful time and those who bought the products as well. The first two days were so successful that they sold all the products before finishing break.

All the money earned (595 €) will be donated to El Salvador Social canteen.

We would like to thank all those who collaborated and were able to enjoy this event.