Support for Infants

8th February 16

Our primary school pupils are learning faster and better every day due to the fact that they have a number of hours every week which are devoted exclusively to reinforcement by English and Spanish native teachers. This reinforcement is done both individually and outside the classroom, in “reading” for English and ABN in Spanish (as it is taught in English in the classroom).

These reinforcements are critical as students are able to work individually or in small groups in order to consolidate the knowledge which they develop in class.

A form of individualized or personalized learning is essential because although the goals are the same for all students, their requirements have to agree with the preferences and the specific interests which each one of them has.

If you wish to make an inquiry or if you have any doubts regarding this support for infants, the teachers dedicated to these reinforcements are:

Reading for 5 year olds: Miss Kari Thernell, Miss Kerry Bernal and Miss Chandra Coleman.

Reading in Spanish 5 year olds: Miss Deli Leal.

ABN Spanish for 4 year olds: Ms. Maribel Paramio.

ABN Spanish for 5 year olds: Miss Kenya Arriaza.