Talk AeroSpace Japan. Javier Peralta.

31st March 16


The Japanese Aerospace Agency is leading a global research project into the planet Venus. Collaborating with this research project is the Algeciras born astrophysicist, Javier Peralta, who on March 31st gave a lecture to 4th year secondary and Baccalaureate students at Laude El Altillo School. 

During this pleasant and entertaining talk, the students learned first hand about the latest advances in the research into Venus, accompanied by a vast amount of data, images and details of the planet which have been gathered by the Japanese Agency. During question time, the unique climate on Venus was particularly touched upon, as well as the effect of super-rotation.

He also gave an interesting talk with many follow-up questions on the course in which his niece, Flor also takes part.

Thank you very much Javier!