Afternoon snack with grandparents

8th April 16

Students in 6th year of Primary education, as well as Secondary and Baccalaureate students, organized an afternoon snack at our Centre. In order to do this, they served refreshments and soft drinks which they themselves had made, so that everyone could have a good time together while at the same time contributing towards a worthy cause. There were also leisure activities, entertainment, games, paintings, masks, etc. at the event for the little ones.

This event has become a family celebration, a day of coexistence between grandchildren and grandparents, thus making them the protagonists of the day. Obviously, all family members were welcome to take part in it.

For yet another year, our centre has collaborated with UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees). Therefore, aside from the efforts to raise awareness among our children, the money raised at the charity afternoon snack will be destined for this organization.