Former students obtein “Dual Business Degree” at Loyola University

7th April 16

Julia and Francisco inform us about the Dual degree.

All students enrolled in a ADE degree at Loyola University in Andalucía, in any of its different versions, ADE, ADE Bilingual or double honours ADE degrees, may be selected to study for the Dual Business Degree.

The Dual Business Degree offers exceptional students the possibility to obtain two official qualifications upon graduation in the programme:

 · A Degree in Business Administration and Management at Loyola University in Andalusia. An official qualification recognized within the sphere of European Higher Education.

· A Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Loyola University in Chicago. An official qualification recognized within the American University System

Those students who perform outstandingly in their first degree course in Business Administration at Loyola University in Andalusia, will have the opportunity to be chosen to follow an exclusive study programme.

This study programme will allow them to combine their degrees with an international academic mobility, studying for two semesters at Loyola University in Chicago and having the summer semester in Rome. After they have passed all the modules and received all the credits required, they will be assessed by and graduate from both universities, Loyola University in Chicago as well as Loyola University in Andalusia, with all the advantages and recognition that both institutions offer their graduates.


This university is among the top 200 universities in the United States. It offers a huge variety of activities, including music and sports, and facilities such as laboratories, in addition to a completely different method of learning. It is not only an experience to have professionally, but also personally, since you could enjoy American university life as well as Italian university life and will be able to have more lessons outside of the classroom than within in, in the Vatican for example.

As students who have been chosen, we need to be good ambassadors for Loyola University in Andalusia, getting across this information and publicizing the values of the university.

Congratulations to you both!