Volunteering AFA La Merced (Alzheimer)

26th April 16

On Tuesday April 26th the volunteer group from the association AFA La Merced (Association of families affected by Alzheimer’s disease) formed by 1st year Baccalaureate students, paid a special visit to our cherished elderly ones. They were accompanied by two very tiny “volunteers”, namely, the teacher who is responsible for this volunteer programme, María José Bugatto’s children. They are Marina, who is a year and a half, and Antonio, who is 5 years old. They delighted all those who were there and there were some very enjoyable moments. For just a day, they exchanged class games in order to do something completely different. They played chess, did some colouring, and received many kisses and hugs. It was a wonderful expression of two very distinct stages of life, childhood and old age, both united with tender kisses and hugs.