Convivencia ESO y Bachillerato

31st May 16

On Friday May 27th ,students from three different groups enjoyed going on an excursion to the mountain range in Grazalema. The outing presented us with the challenge of coexistence between 3 year groups, in the form of a small walk along the paths in the mountains, a rest, the same path back towards a rest area and free time in that area, surrounded by nature.

However, it was more than this, thanks to the relationships which developed as the day progressed. The teachers did not feel the need to tell us we were with an older or younger year group, they themselves watched as we went out from our normal groups to relate to our peers. During the march, we interacted with everyone: some listened to advice from older students, others talked about the difficulties we had gone through during the course; Some students had amusing anecdotes, others listened to them, wanting to have these experiences during the following year; and the same happened with the teachers, with whom we exchanged our views and personal experiences.

And finally “to put the icing on the cake”, teachers and students ended this magnificent day around nature by eating at the rest area and playing team sports, highlighted by the football match between 1st Baccalaureate and Roberto Bullón (teacher) and 4th year Secondary and 2nd year Baccalaureate pupils.

Students in 1st year Baccalaureate