Non Uniform Day

19th May 16

A group of first year Baccalaureate students proposed, with the help of families at the School, to carry out an altruistic challenge within the Volunteer programme at our School.

In collaboration with the Irish NGO Bóthar and its Spanish counterpart, Cambiavidas, they will try to help families in Uganda in a simple and sustainable way. This association is responsible for donating farm animals to families in this country, so that they become self-sufficient, and our challenge will be to raise enough money to buy a cow and offer it to a family.

Thus, the third NON UNIFORM DAY took place at the school. Students in all primary, secondary and Baccalaureate came out of uniform in exchange for a euro. Infant students, who chose to call the cow Lola, also helped to accomplish this challenge by collaborating with donations.

Thank you all very much for your collaboration!