Amancio Ortega Foundation Scholarship Programme

26th August 16

I have always wanted to study abroad and when I saw that the Amancio Ortega Foundation (AOF from now on) was giving scholarships to students who achieved good marks in 3rd Grade Secondary, I didn´t think twice about it. One week before the closing date for applying for a scholarship I rushed to fill in all the parts of the scholarship application form and attach all the required documents. Finally, on November 20th I went to Seville to do the written English test which nearly 8000 students took, and I have to say it was really easy. On 17th December I saw on the scholarship web page (www.becas.faortga.org) that I was among the 1500 students chosen for the oral test which would be done by skype. Once I knew the time and date for my interview I started preparing everything I woud be asked to do in the test. Finally, on 26th January I found out I was one of 250 students selected to study 1st grade Baccalaureate in the United States (when you apply for the scholarship you have to choose United States or Canada), so I was only waiting to find out the location, host family and “Highschool” and leave for America…. at least that it what I thought. In truth, although I already had the scholarship this was by no means the end of it. On April 8th I had to go to the New Boston Hotel in Madrid for a weekend orientation session with the other Spanish students who had been awarded this scholarship and some members of the American Embassy. I had a really good time, all the other students in the scholarship programme were really friendly and although we were a bit shy to start with the fact that they took our cell phones away helped us to socialize and get to know each other. Now I am waiting to be assigned a family although I am 100% certain it will be in California, and to find out the day I fly to the United States and get to know my future host family. Last week, on 13th and 14th June I gave a talk about the scholarship and the AOF to students in 2nd and 3rd grade Secondary education and most of them were quite interested. I really recommend this scholarships it is a once in a lifetime experience for all those who look for new and fascinating experiences and I say this to everyone who asks me about it.

The scholarship covers 100% of travelling costs, visa, orientation sessions, etc since you receive it. Nearly all of those students on the programme, including myself, have blogs about our experiences and important information as well as whatever occurs to us.

Mine is as follows: http://wwwjgalerac6.wix.com/breakfastinamerica


Juan Galera Calleja

4th grade Secondary B