Alumni: Isabel Marín – Estudiante de Farmacia y Ciencias Farmacéuticas en Cardiff

30th September 16

My name is Isabel Marín, LAUDE El Altillo School alumni. At the moment I am in my second year of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Cardiff University. My faculty, one of the top three Pharmacy faculties in the U.K., is very orientated towards investigation and practice. In fact, a large number of our teachers are presently developing new medicines for diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and neurological disorders among others. I am more than happy with this experience as they have a special relationship with the students, which reminds me a lot of El Altillo.

What I like most about studying abroad is that you don´t only gain in independence and maturity but by being in an International University you live with people from different cultures and ideas which enriches you as a person. It also makes you appreciate what you leave behind: your family, your house, your friends and in my case, also your school.

Each time I stop to think about how I have got to be here I feel very fortunate in seeing that I had the opportunity to get official qualifications in English and French, participate in an enormous amount of volunteership and values programmes and I did all this in one place: El Altillo. Thanks to the education provided by our school, the commitment of my teachers and the support of my parents I was able to consider the possibility of studying abroad. El Altillo is not only a school; it is somewhere you look forward to going, where they teach you not only how to get good grades but also how to get the most out of yourself, they teach you to surpass yourself. In El Altillo you grow as a person. Many thanks for having opened so many doors for me!

Isabel Marín Gamero