19th September 16

We would like to inform you of the corresponding indicators of Laude El Altillo School´s collaboration with the “bottle tops for a new life ®” project promoted by SEUR Foundation:

We congratulate all our families because you have donated 270.000 bottle tops, whose recycling has avoided the emission of 180kg of CO2 into the atmosphere, the main gas to cause climatic changes. 135 trees are necessary for a whole year in order to obtain the same benefit for the planet.

But what is most important: your bottle tops have contributed 108€ to the 71.779€ obtained during the period, enabling 15 boys and girls, like Dani, Pedro and Martina  to bring forward their medical or orthopaedical treatment not covered by the public health service. From the start of the project, 118 boys and girls have received your help, which reaches a total of 870,381 € thanks to the recycling of more than 3.800 tonnes of bottle tops, which could fill 11 olympic swimming pools!

The foundation would like to thank you for your tireless collaboration which you do without receiving anything in exchange except for the satisfaction of being solidary and the acknowledgement in name of the foundation and all the beneficiaries of the project.