2nd Baccalaureate trip to the Maritime Security and Rescue society in Tarifa.

7th October 16

On October 6th pupils from 2nd Baccalaureate scientific-technological option went on a trip to Conil to the Telephone station where the submarine cables communicating with the U.S. and Sicily are located and later visit the Maritime Security and Rescue Society in Tarifa.

Once in Tarifa we went to the conference room of the Centre where we were given an explanatory talk about everything that takes place there; from immigrant and maritime traffic control to emergency protocols and maritime rescue operations. They also explained how the Iberian Peninsula and surroundings are distributed as regards other maritime security centers and how large vessel traffic is controlled by different radars located in the province of Cádiz and Ceuta.

After the presentation we had the opportunity to see the Centre´s control room, inside of which there were various computers where you could locate any ship within reach of the radar and warn them of any impending danger in their path, thereby avoiding possible maritime accidents. They also showed us an action plan which would be put into action if anybody got lost at sea, and how to calculate and estimate the tides and the weather, and basic meteorological principles.

On the whole it was a very interesting visit in which we not only had access to these installations and could learn more in depth about what takes place inside them but also learn at firsthand what it is to be an engineer, a profession many of us hope to carry out in the future.