Head´s Programme

5th October 16

It is important that students don’t just leave with the very best grades possible, but also have the experience and skills needed to go onto Higher Education or into a career. A number of enrichment activities are organized throughout the year as the opportunity for students to take on leadership roles within the school community through the Head System.

The Head System are a team students who represent the student body in different fields.  They are chosen by the teachers and the Heads of Secondary & Bachillerato. They are led by the Head Boy, Head Girl, and the Deputies. Our Heads are positive role models who help to promote the ethos of the school by supporting both staff and students.

The present team are:

Head Boy:              Gonzalo Moreno

Head Girl:               Carmen García

Deputy Head Boy:    Enrique Vélez

Deputy Head Girl:     Claudia Zheng

Heads:                    Celia Lacave                     1º BTO SOCIALES

                              Federico Cabrera               1º BTO SALUD

                              María Barrancos                4º ESO B

                              Pablo Morillo                     4º ESO A