Lyon Exchange 2016

26th October 16

Our third total immersion adventure in Vienne (France) has gone very well. Our 15 students from 2nd grade Secondary have enjoyed themselves for three weeks of classes in a small school near Lyon. 

They loved both trips: the Balme grottos alllowed them to watch bats and original rock formations and going down the mountain on a skateboard was one of the most amusing ones, with frozen fingers and nose because, of course, it is much colder there! 

Our students were worried because they didn´t understand French at the beginning, but they discovered the capacity to adapt to a new routine, different timetables (lunch was at twelve o´clock), they were amazed to learn so much and so fast, they have spent a large part of their pocket money on “croissants, brioches, macarons, pains au chocolat, croque-monsieurs and j´en passe”. There were tears when they left their parents for a time but they cried even more when they had to leave all their new French friends.Now we are eagerly awaiting the “correspondants” to return their hospitality.