21st November 16

Throughout the morning we have celebrated our third Harvest Festival in Early Years.

This Festival traditionally consists in giving thanks for and celebrating the abundance of the harvest in Autumn in anglo-saxon countries. Our pupils have rotated through the different classes and other areas of Early Years, doing different workshops adapted to their level.


Pupils have done various activities ranging from feeling and exploring different dried fruits and nuts and seasonal fruit; making orange juice and tasting it; learning a poem about the rain (Autumn leaves/rain); singing a song about leaves falling (Autumn leaves are falling down); making a  typical autumnal fruit salad and tasting it; colouring pumpkins; making a display about woodland animals and plants; having a picnic breakfast with all students and Early Years teachers together; making a scarecrow between us all.


Our aim is for students to learn about habits, vocabulary and typical games from anglo-saxon countries through games, activities and interpersonal relationships with classmates and teachers.

It has been a fantastic experience!