Rotary Club: Prix de la Paix 2016

29th November 16


Thanks to the essay writing competition annually organized by the Jerez and Angoulème Rotary Clubs together, Huang Jue He and Enrique Vélez, 1st year Baccalaureate students, were awarded the Prix de la Paix 2016 for the best two essays of the aforementioned competition.

The essay was about developing the quote “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know the meaning of peace”.  This gave 1st Baccalaureate the opportunity to express their ideals about Peace, reasoned and illustrated in French. At the same time the same activity was organized in a school in Imola, Italy by the city Rotary Club, and two Italian finalists were chosen and we had the opportunity to enjoy a fortnight with them in Angoulème.

During this cultural exchange we enjoyed visits to Angoulème, Bordeaux and La Rochelle (among other cities). From start to finish we have always had the opportunity to get involved in interesting activities like trips in Gabarre a typical boat from this region, or canoeing or having picnics with numerous other families. We not only had the opportunity to improve our French but also maintain relationships with families and in particular the Italian girls, spending nearly all the time together doing activities, speaking French and even Italian.

Without doubt, having spent a memorable fortnight with such warm and friendly people added to the fact that both Rotary Clubs involved have made an effort to accommodate us and organize our stay, it has been a unique and unforgettable experience for all and has helped us to understand more about French culture and traditions.

Huang Jue He

Enrique Vélez García

2nd Baccalaureate B