Coexistence article 4th Year Secondary and Baccalaureate

10th March 17

Co existence.  According to the Royal Spanish Academy dictionary coexistence is the action of living together; living in the company of another or others. It is ironic how, although we don´t see it, we coexist daily with the rest of people. We coexist with our parents, our children, our friends, our classmates and our teachers. We live in the company of all those people around us every day and in spite of this we are often not aware of the great company they provide – we don´t know how to appreciate them and we don´t see all that we have. 


With this spirit of being together, not only coexisting but being aware of it; with the spirit of encouraging companionship and friendship, one more year 4th year Secondary and Baccalaureate students went on a trip to the mountains to spend the day hiking with all our classmates, giving ourselves the opportunity to get to know each other better and make new friendships.

After an hour’s coach journey we reached Benamahoma where the walk began. A perfect moment to do exercise, enjoy the wonderful scenery and coincide along the way with classmates we only usually see in the corridor, creating a stronger link between year groups. We helped each other, made the going easier along the paths and chatted and got to know each other better. Once we arrived at the end of the trail, all of us exhausted from the overwhelming heat, we had a picnic in the country, enjoyed our mutual company and afterwards playing football or other games, even with the teachers – an opportunity to get out of the normal routine and the stress of exams.

On the way back it was inevitable we should feel sad and nostalgic. It was the last trip for 2nd year Baccalaureate students. All these shared moments, experiences lived and stories that remain with us and will always do so. A day full of unforgettable moments, a means of knowing each other better and being in contact with nature.

Having reached this point the only thing left is to say thank you.  Thanks to the School for making it possible for us to have all these memories, thanks to my year group for having shown so much solidarity, for having always been united and thanks to all those classmates who went on the trip and demonstrated once again that coexistence is not just an empty word but makes a lot of sense when you are surrounded by people who really make you feel in company.

Sara Álvaro Martínez – 2nd Baccalaureate