First Centre in Andalusia to establish TAE

27th March 17

Next academic year El Altillo School will become the first Centre in Andalusia to put the TAE programme (Tutorials Amongst Equals) into practice in its classrooms. This programme encourages VALUES and the prevention of bullying at school, which with the implication of a whole educational community tries to improve integration at school and work towards a comprehensive school, fomenting more satisfactory relationships.

TAE Programme is based on emotional tutorials amongst equals, where respect, empathy and commitment are the basic cornerstones of its development. Like this, 3rd year Secondary pupils are emotional tutors of 1st year Secondary, while 5th year Primary are tutors of 1st year, and in this way, in 2 years 100% of students in Obligatory Secondary Education and 100% of students in 2nd and 3rd cycles of Primary intervene in the Programme.

The TAE Programme has behind it work teams from the Universities of Barcelona, Santiago de Compostela and Alicante, whom with their continuous investigation and evaluation aid the development and innovation of the said programme. Thanks to this, since its commencement in 2002, it has become the programme of greatest establishment at a Spanish level and one of the first at a world level; applied at 620 schools in Spain, 100% of the Centres to establish the programme continue to develop it, 120.000 participating students during the academic year 2016/17, amongst whom between 96 and 99% of pupils in Primary and Secondary ask to be a tutor… and what is most important, they promote values and bullying situations disappear by more than 95%. There have been no cases of bullying in these Centres since they established the Programme and empathy, commitment, self perception of belonging to a group and identification with the academic institution have increased.