Mexico and the TJUM

6th April 17


02/03/2017 Thursday.

I am getting nervous, I think that everything is packed but my stomach is full of butterflies. Tomorrow will be a 4.30am start.


03/03/2017 Friday.

Jerez Airport.

Once through security and having said goodbye to my parents, I start to realize I am really going to Mexico. I am trying to get organized to find out where the “meeting point” for the rest of LAUDE students and teachers is.

I also start to feel free, as if I were growing wings – I am responsible for everything that happens to me, I can and must take decisions without the consent or support of an adult or superior.

It is 9.00 am and we are in Madrid!!!! How exciting, in a few hours we are going to meet 14 new people with whom we are going to spend one whole week of our lives.

Now it is the afternoon, we are on the flight to Mexico and we are revolutionizing the airplane – 14 adolescents who have just met each other and are trying to stay seated for fifteen hours….. It hasn´t worked, we have been walking up and down the entire ´plane, being friendly with the stewardesses and making what look like being lifelong friendships.

We are already arriving and it is only 5.00 in the afternoon!!!

First Mexican meal – pozole – it´s very good, and surrounded by a welcoming, lovely family. Thank you.


04/03/2017 Saturday.

We have spent the day visiting Mexico City, its museums, its food, everything. It has been incredible – only city, city and more city. You are in a world of its own! What variety! There are colours and grey zones, shanties and skyscrapers, parks and wide stone and cement squares. It is an impossible puzzle.


05/03/2017 Sunday.

How quickly time is going by- this morning I have started working on the TJMUN, investigating, writing, organizing my ideas … such a fuss.

Afterwards we went to eat Mexican seafood, completely different; they eat it in patties, with tacos, always “finger food”.


06/03/2017 Monday.

What a gang we are – today all the Spaniards were in Xochimilco together and we got on really well, we felt like a family. There we went on the “trajinaras” – little brightly coloured boats which took us along the river where there were lots of people in boats, some singing mariachis and others selling food. We also visited a little animal refuge where there were reptiles and amphibians from Mexico.


07/03/2017 Tuesday.

Today we got up early because we were going to see the Teotihuacán pyramids. So much history!! It was really interesting; they told us about all the different influences and populations that had touched it. Unfortunately we could only go up a certain part of the moon and sun pyramids, but we had a great time anyway, making sacrifices, investigating the old city “sewers”.


11/03/2017 Saturday.

It is Saturday morning, the first moment I have had free since the TJMUN Conference began!!!

The first thing is to explain a little about MUN. There were about 200 people participating and they were divided into committees. Each committee dealt with one or two different issues and there were some eighteen members representing different countries and adopting their opinions.

The incredible thing about this experience is how you notice a change in yourself from the first day to the last and from one session to another. At the beginning I could hardly talk, I was preparing things all day and assuring everything would be ready for the conference and when I finally started I felt like I hadn´t got anything prepared, it was definitely not a good idea to be chosen to speak first….

My committee was the crisis one and fortunately various Spaniards were also in it which helped me a lot. The crisis committee is special because you don´t have to be as faithful to protocol as other committees, the important thing is to resolve the crisis as soon as possible. Besides this our committee was based in the future around 2024 more or less and our general crisis was to avoid a third World War due to the Civil War in Syria. This meant we were divided into two sides, basically a similar situation to the Cold War where we had to try and reach diplomatic relations and create a resolution.

The opening ceremony was very exciting, all conferences are organized by students and the general Secretary gave a great speech, highlighting the difference between a TJMUN where we were “playing” at resolving world problems and the real world which needs to be changed and made a better place, which requires action, not words.

As we, being Spanish, were invited we were lucky enough to get to know the members of the secretariat, the organizers and it was very interesting to hear them relate their experiences of orchestrating such a big event. They also organized our trip for which I will always be very grateful.

I have learned a lot about the world, other people, myself and how to interact with others, not only during the conference but during the whole trip.

As regards the group, in the morning we cemented our relationships and friendships even more, leaving many long lasting memories. Now we are nearly on our way back I don´t know how I will be able to say goodbye to my host family or the other Spanish students at the airport. At least we will have all the return flight for this although I´m afraid it will seem very short.

Last night, Friday, one of the hosts organized a farewell party and we had a fantastic time, eating, dancing and” karaoke”. It was one of the very few times when the Mexicans and Spanish really immersed together.

I have continued with my gastronomic experience and I have tried “gorditas” a typical dish from the North of Mexico but I can´t remember its name!


12/03/2017 Sunday.

Spain once again. How sad. I miss my adventures. The goodbye was horrible, we were all crying although we are already in touch via internet and I think I am starting to appreciate the social networks.