Open Talent

4th April 17

With the aim of promoting an innovative, entrepreneurial, co participative spirit we have organized the EL ALTILLO SCHOOL OPEN TALENT 2017 AWARDS.

We have rewarded the team elaboration of projects with original and CREATIVE BUSINESS ideas inspired by any of the areas of knowledge in the Educational project.

Pupils have received the proposal with enthusiasm and the projects of those who participated are of outstanding originality and quality.

The project awarded first prize – Pristok  Lifekeeper-   has been created by pupils from 4th year Secondary. The students Isidro Martín, Maximilian Winkler and Mauricio González have made good use of their knowledge of technology and computer studies to devise a mobile phone app designed to improve the lives of those people who find it difficult to get around the city such as people in wheelchairs. They have even created a web page which you can visit: where they describe all the details of their business.

The project awarded second prize is a Carbon dioxide to Oxygen Transforming Machine, devised by the students Mario Toscano, Javier Quevedo and Miguel Ángel Garrán, from 1st Year Secondary. These pupils have studied photosynthesis in Biology and have used biomimetics to imitate the natural process of photosynthesis by which plants transform carbon dioxide into oxygen using the energy of the sun. In this way they have devised a machine which will contribute to us all breathing healthier air in our cities.