Theatrical Representation Mary Poppins

28th April 17

“Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way”. Today, Friday 28th April, my theatre workshop actors have also been “practically perfect” in their performance of the musical.

Everything started in June last year, how many stories more entertaining than that of Michael and Jane Banks are there? The idea seemed really motivating to us so then we began the casting, the adaptation of the script and the poster. Ahead with the project!

In October we began the rehearsals. During these I discovered the great talent of our actors and Stephanie Gilroy left us all open mouthed after hearing her sing, what a wonderful sweet voice. I must also mention our 1st year Baccalaureate students without whose help and choreography it would never have been the same. We had a bit of everything, laughter, nervousness and a sermon now and then about the importance of rehearsals but as the performance got closer the project started to take shape and our illusions grew.

Our little ones in Primary have also participated with their pretty kites, which they flew to the rhythm of the song “Let´s Go fly a Kite” at the end of the musical.

The day finally arrived and everything went perfectly. I am really proud of my pupils and Stephanie Gilroy. Teachers and pupils alike enjoyed themselves a lot.

Thanks also to the Cadiz Autism Association for the pretty badges they have made for everyone in appreciation of our collaboration.



Mª José Bugatto

Theatre Workshop Director