Mountain Club Outing – Bolonia

3rd June 17

On Saturday 3rd June our Club went to Bolonia, located in the nature reserve of the Strait. The weather was splendid, sunny and warm without the dreaded wind from the Levant.

We visited Baelo Claudia, roman city from 1BC, meeting our cultural demand. We saw the final part of the cattle route “La Reginosa” and we walked along the beach up to the Bolonia sand dune, a really impressive natural monument. At the end we had a well deserved swim in the crystal clean waters of the Strait which reminded us of idyllic places.

We spent a fantastic day at the beach, surpassing our expectations.

Thanks to all the Club members for your collaboration.

It is good to end the day with the feeling of having filled your time with enriching experiences.

Until next year!