Headmaster's Letter 2

6th September 17


I am pleased to present you with a new edition of our monthly Newsletter. The echoes of laughter and the hullaballoo of our schoolchildren reuniting after the summer break still ring in our playgrounds and classrooms. September has been an intense month putting our facilities into operation, and above all, our whole educational project renewed with multiple new teaching proposals.

In particular we wish to highlight two of these which are of enormous relevance for consolidating the strength and prestige of Laude El Altillo School educational project.

On one hand we have the implementation of the Secondary Education Middle Years Programme, the confirmed educational model characteristic of Baccalaureate which increases and enriches the methodology and teachings our students work with from day to day with a markedly international focus.

On the other hand, with our sights set on June 2018, we have the exciting milestone of celebrating our first International Baccalaureate Diploma year group which will no doubt endorse its excellent achievements and results in the May examinations and later in the University Entrance Exams.

June is still a long time away but even so we don´t want to stop celebrating and sharing a mention of honour, besides 21 pupils in 4th year Secondary passing the C1 Advanced Cambridge Examination, the magnificent 2nd Baccalaureate year group for their results in the last University Entrance Exams, in which they have become the best of our solid tradition and really make it meritorious to excel in the best of the best.

I also consider it fair to take advantage of the occasion to make public our most sincere congratulations to our pupil Sara Álvaro, who achieved the second best results of the province in the University Entrance Exams and has also obtained the Extraordinary Baccalaureate Award granted by the Andalusian Government.

Happy academic year to all!