Let´s code!

9th November 17

During the course of the Scientific Days on 24th, 25th and 26th October our pupils have been able to enjoy themselves doing interesting projects in Coding. These activities have been in line with the European Code Week. It is a case of an initiative at European level to bring programming and computational thought closer to students of varying ages in an enjoyable, fun way. Following this philosophy, in which the School invests in Coding, our pupils from 1st and 2nd year Secondary did programming activities with Scratch, and joined with other European schools who share this initiative.


Programming helps the student understand and analyze the tasks they have to do in more detail, use logical thought and express their creativity. The culture of creative computer studies has an intellectual dimension, which connects with a set of computational concepts and practices. It has a physical dimension, encouraging interaction with others by means of placing tables, chairs and computers. What is even more important, it has an affective dimension, cultivating a sense of trust and help. In some ways, programming is sharing an idea in a certain way, or another form of expressing ourselves. This is why this sort of communication is put into practice from an early age using the most advanced technological tools such as Scratch, Python or Arduino.

Let’s code!