Three wise men and Father Christmas

15th December 17

We should defend fantasy and imagination, although without exaggerations. To start with these popular beliefs come hand in hand with the tradition we transmit from parents to children and which form part of our culture.

On the other hand fantasy and imagination are important ingredients for children´s emotional development. They represent a balm, relief from so much reality in which they live and often don´t understand. Children need a space where fantasy mixes with reality. This is part of childhood and a way of helping them to understand the world little by little.

Our Early Years pupils eagerly awaited the visit from the Three Wise Men and Father Christmas.

They came, bringing illusions, sweets, dreams and a present or two. Our smallest ones have told them how well they have behaved and one or two bits of mischief which they won´t do again. They also talked of their resolutions for the New Year.

It is a magical moment shared by Baccalaureate and Early Years. Their faces say it all!!